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About Us

For over 20 years Pear Computing Systems have been suppliers to a wide range of clients, including many of the UK’s largest organisations, with software for HR functions and solutions for a multiplicity of database and business requirements. We provide tried-and-tested reliable solutions for HR professionals, and high quality database and web solutions for a wide range of business sectors.  We have developed custom business solutions for Debt/Credit Collection amd Management, Legal document production and service management, Counselling Services, Parcel delivery services, integrated website content management, and specialized website search.  We understand the needs of businesses for good quality solutions and can discuss your requirements with you in a friendly, understanding and non-technical way. So, whatever your requirements, TALK TO US about them

A Wealth of Experience in HR...
Over 20 years ago, PEAR launched the first computerised graduate recruitment system which was closely followed by a general recruitment and selection system.  Pre-eminent computer houses signed up, as did giants of British industry. These products and our services have evolved over time and PEAR’s software has been used by Britain’s major banks, police forces, supermarkets and other high profile high-street retailers.  Overall, millions of employment applications for many of the UK’s top companies have been processed using Pear’s software.

A Wealth of Other Experience...
The imaginative flair and innovative enterprise that marked PEAR from the earliest days has continued with development of a wide range of business software for HR and other market sectors, from straightforward office solutions to complex database systems linked to internal and web-based interfaces.

Commercial & Legal Software:-
With Pear's management team having over 25 years experience in management and development of commercial systems it is natural that our activities extend into many other areas.  Covering a very wide area of applications including accounting, shipping, transport, human resources, legal documentation, retail and wholesale, financial and collection systems, and website authoring and publishing.
As well as designing bespoke solutions for commercial requirements Pear also specialise in providing integration solutions for office, database and internet applications.
Amongst many customised systems we have provided the authoring and publishing solution for 's online employment law guide, which requires thousands of pages of information to be provide both on the internet and on CD-ROM.

Other developments include :
- Diligence and legal document management.
- Shipping Statistics for a port management group PLC
- Financial/collection systems.
- Database/records system for alcohol councils
- Website for commercial property agents
- Parcel delivery pricing and invoicing systems
- Accounting system integration
- Retail systems support
- HR assessment systems
- Recruitment management
- Redundancy management